Website Showing Suspended Message From iFastnet

Hey guys, so I was trying to build my website but wordpress was failing and it was giving me an error called “There has been a critical error on your website”, unable to fix it, I deactivated my account and removed my domain from the addon domains and everything. Now I made a new account and set it up but my website is sowing a suspended domain notice from ifastnet.

How do i fix it?

Hi, take a look at this:


Thank you! However, how do I fix my suspended website right now?

Hi, can you tell us your web URL

If your site got suspended because you hit some server limits then there is no fix but to wait for 24 hours until it gets reactivated again.

If your site got suspended because of abuse then go to the Client Area and create a support ticket and ask them why your account got suspended and how you can get your site reactivated again.

No, as mentioned in the post, I deactivated my account thus removing the website from addon domains, then I made another account with the same domain but it still shows suspended.

The URL for the website is:

Oh sorry about that for I’ve not actually read this thread carefully.

Well it takes a few hours for your domain to start working.

Also try clearing your browser cache.
If clearing your browser cache still does not help then try flushing your DNS cache as well.

To flush your DNS cache, execute this command in the command prompt:

ipconfig/ flushdns
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Yeah but the thing is, its been a couple hours and its still not workimg.

Your site is already working fine on my end:

Have you already cleared your browser cache and DNS cache as what I’ve suggested you to do?


I did, I put the command into Command Prompt and it said it flushed my DNS but I still see the old suspended notice.

Maybe try to configure a faster DNS resolver, like, OpenDNS or Google Public DNS on your device too?


How do I do that? Can you link me some tutorials?

The links I sent already contain some guides. So follow the page and scroll down until you find the guide. For OpenDNS just click the device you’re configuring the DNS on and you will be redirected to a guide to configure those.

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Hey so the website is fixed now but I am still facing the critical error issue, I cannot seem to upload my flatsome theme on the site. It gives me an error that a “Critical Error on my site”

Also I cannot install any new plugins from the store, it just gives me the same “There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.” error on my site.

Have you already checked this Knowledge Base article?


Yes I have, no fix for it there.

Did you just check the knowledge base article or also try to actually do some of the things described in it?

Or did you just not understand that this error means that you cannot install plugins from the store through WordPress’ admin interface and that you need to install them by hand (the process for which is described in the article).


Main thing right now is to install my theme, and I cannot do that directly from wordpress. Secondly, why should I install the plugins manually when wordpress allows you to install plugin directly from the plugin menu?

Secondly, as per the this article it says the problem can be because of a broken plugin or theme but I checked, I only have 2 plugins both of which are disabled. I cannot install any plugins from the plugin menu. Not only that but I cannot install my custom theme.