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My website does not load sometimes. No error, just takes a long time and then it never loads.

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I recently created this website using the free hosting version as a pilot test to identify demand for a product we want to launch, but even as a pilot test I sent the link to a couple of people (5) and some of them reported it did not load. I waited a couple of hours and then it worked fine, but my question is, is there a limit of users or traffic for this free website? I would like to know the limitations so I can be prepared for it as well and how to solve in case the website fails to load again. How reliable is it to send this link to more than 100 users?

Hi and welcome to the forum

For a WP site it is to be expected to be slower
also, you are quite far from the server, so you can expect additional latency
but it’s nothing extra dramatic (click me)

You need to optimize this file cropped-8.png because it takes 3 seconds
and you have a lot of JS files

Please see the waterfall view here

It is possible that they experienced this

Limits are listed here

Your website is not extra complex (some text and lazy load images)
there are not many PHP processes in the background (a bunch of plugins and the like).
As far as I can see, you use hivepress as a plugin
and I don’t think it would be a big problem to serve 50 users (of course if they don’t exceed your hits limit (I put the link above under limits)…
There are just too many HTTP REQs and it’s up to you to optimize it a bit - that the page loads faster.

Ideally, you should not use WordPress (PHP) but have a static website (HTML - then it would be the fastest)


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