Website redirecting to 404


When i click my site, it redirects me to

It should not do this, this is my site structure (inside htdocs):

Root directory:


Please help. Inside htdocs there is index.php, it should open that.

And yes i know all files go into htdocs, it is in the htdocs.

Check this out


This is true, but only for the initial domain of your account (and domains parked on it). But it looks like you removed the subdomain from your account, and then added it again. By doing so, the domain got assigned to a different directory:

It looks like you removed that directory. But that’s the directory the server looks for, and if it can’t find that directory, you’ll get a 404 error.

So please recreate the folders and move your website files to it.


I will definitely try this. Thanks a lot Mr Admin. I love infinityfree’s support. I am making a very informative site, and I will definitely talk about infinityfree there.


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