Website published but not visible

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Not able to see website created and published using Site.Pro.

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We are able to publish successfully. How much time does it take for the website to go live ?

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I see this


Please remove domain from hosting account then add it in again



Is it the control panel in my infinityfree loging from where I can do this ?
This is all I can see in my ‘domains’ list in my hosting account: if0_34376105

I can’t see the domain name in my control panel as well. Can you pls guide me ??


The Control Panel can be accessed on the Client Area (which is the InfinityFree login), by clicking on the hosting account your domain is on (or, if you’re on a different page like in that screenshot, click on “Home”, then follow the next steps) and then clicking the “Control Panel” button. There you’ll find the domain under the “Addon Domains” section. Remove it and add it again, then go back to the Control Panel’s main page by clicking the InfinityFree (or VistaPanel)’s logo and move the website files from htdocs to through the File Manager or through a FTP client.


Thanks I was able to remove the domain. However, I could not add it again. I got the following error:

I can add the domain now. I had to wait for sometime. I’m now going to try the next step ( moving files ).


For the last step of moving files, I can see contents when I browse to ‘Control Panel → Online File Manager’. Also, ‘’ is empty … Do I need to move files from former to latter ?? How ??

You’ll have to move the files from the normal htdocs to your domain’s htdocs folder. Go to the normal htdocs folder, then select the files and folders you want to move (Ctrl + A to select all), right click and click on “Cut”, then go back a folder by clicking on .., then go to your domain’s folder, then on htdocs and then right click and click on Paste.


Yes I just did a cut-paste. Is there any way to verify if the move is proper and things are fine ? htdocs folder is now empty.

Just by checking if it works on your side will do. I checked and all things are fine on my side, but you might need to clear browser cache and DNS cache if you still get the ads page.


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