Website problem

So i have put my website files from my computer to filezilla into my website
but in my files it looks like this

and in the host it looks like pdf files

So what should i do?

Can you send your website link?

The other one only shows at ingocnito tho

This is what I see

Make sure your homepage is called “index.html”


Ok wait i’ll try again

Ok can you check it now?



wait what? I see it in pdf files

Do CTRL+F5, it will fix it

Is there anyway to fix it without doing that?

Its not working for me the “Ctrl+f5”

Are you not able to do CTRL+F5??? Than just clear your cache and cookies

Hold down the control key, and while you are holding that key down tap the F5 key (at the very top). After you tap the F5 key, release both buttons

Okay i’ll try

Nope still not working

What browser are you using? Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.


Go to chrome://settting and scroll down until you see the option to clear cache and cookies. Tell the browser to clear your cache.

Clear your CloudFlare cache as well