Website problem

I got up this morning and found my website like this. Screenshot Enclosed

How do you fix this? This happened after I used Cloudflare on the website

Hello there,

Try deactivating some of your plugins one by one to check if one of those plugins you have installed are causing the error.

Also what did you do with your site recently? Did you probably installed some new plugins or something?

It will not let me view my plug-in’s . I just get a White screen of death. I’m at 90% on . If i had to reset my site again my site will be locked for 24hours . As you told me in my last topic


What happens to you is mixed content

HTTPS works by allowing only content that goes over the HTTPS protocol
while everything on HTTP is ignored by your browser for security

Please try this on Cloudflare



I can access the word press dashboard . but when you visit the site it dosn’t work still

Website working after setting changes in cloudflare

Please do not use Automatic HTTPS Rewrites. It’s a stupid crutch to hide configuration errors in your website, and it’s an automagic function which tends to cause unexpected errors.

Instead, please follow our official guide on making WordPress work with Cloudflare’s SSL:


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