Website opening problem

sir i have create new account with my domain first its require 48 hours i wait after that i install script butt at the moment its not open when its open its loading to much how i solve it

What script are u using?

website not opening that time its long loading and see 502 or 504 error and gate way time out now its alright thanks for reveiw

again issue same loading and 504 error but i have no traffic i am single user and its small script no havy why that issue with me

Do you have a 504 or a 502 error? They are different error codes for different reasons.

yes first showing 502 and after few show 504 and today site suspend that is new site no traffic how is possible 10000 hit are made on my site

I checked the status of your account. It’s not suspended because of getting too many hits, and the hits limit is not 10k, it’s 50k.

Your account was suspended because you hit the entry process limit. High traffic can cause/affect it, but it’s one of many factors. You can learn more about it here: (or click the link from the client area)

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