Website Open Slow

Sir / Mam,

I Free Hosting Website is :

if first time open in any mobile or computer…
it is take ling time for open

plz suggest me

First load is always slow. Use a CDN may help.

Sir, Thanks For Replay

But Sir is runing fast
what is reason

Sir… I am beginners plz send details about CDN

Thanks For Replay

I actually made a video on youtube, how to setup AWS free CDN with WordPress, here:

A CDN won’t help much since everything is dynamically generated. Instead, please check out this article.


Because that site is plain HTML, which doesn’t need any processing. The other site is built with WordPress, which is a complicated PHP application that needs to run, and interact a lot with a database to work.

So if you want to make as fast as, you need to ditch WordPress and write the HTML yourself.


Thanks For Reply…

Thankyou So Much

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