Website on Subdomain is not loading correctly

Hello everybody,

I was working on a website different to the one hosted in my main domain. When opening it in a web explorer, it is not loading what it is supposed.

Then, I came courious to try to see what is happening. So I decided to copy exactly all the files that are under htdocs folder from main domain into the htdocs folder of the subdomain.

It is supposed I should see two websites that look the same. But unfortunately, not.

Main website:


I use cloudflare and have a CNAME entry pointed to the subdomain.

Anyone has an idea of what is causing the trouble?

Thank you.

Hello there,

Your code seems to be bugged out on your main domain:

Your files probably got corrupted while you were transferring them.
How many files did you copy and paste from your subdomain to your main domain?
Try using an FTP client software when transferring a bunch of files.

What a strange situation. Thank you for your assistance.

I used Mobirise FTP service to upload the same files as in the main domain to do the test.

This is what I can see on my PC and in my smartphone.

This is what I can see either on PC or phone.

And do you think this tool (Mobirise) could be the problem?
03 FTP

Thanks again.

Yes it could be.

Try manually uploading your files to your website.
Download your website from the Mobirise software to your local PC storage and upload them manually to your site via FTP.
Either you’ll use the Online FTP manager in the Client Are or an FTP client software.
I recommend you to use an FTP client software like Filezilla and WinSCP.

Thanks again.

No way I can make it work.
Used Filezilla to upload the files.

But it does not solve the problem.
I checked the local files but opening it in a web browser shows correctly the content.

No idea of what is happening, man. :frowning_face:

Is there any other configuration on the subdomain that needs to be done and is preventing to solve the issue?

You’re site is loading fine on my end (I have to use incognito because I still haven’t cleared my browser cache).

You’ll just have to clear your browser cache and your site should work just fine. Make sure to clear your browser cache before revisiting your site.

Yep, main domain shows correctly the site.

Could you see ?

This subdomain is not showing correctly any info so I am using the main domain files to test. My logic says: if files of main domain show the info, copying them to subdomain will let you find what is the problem. :grimacing:

What is not showing correctly exactly? How am I supposed to know that what I’m seeing on my end is wrong? Could you at least send a screenshot so I can have a comparison?

This is what your site looks like at my end:

Is this what you intended your page to look like?

What a strange. Yes, that’s how it should look like. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This is what I get. Even if clear cache or use private browsing. Edge:

On Safari:

I just downloaded Firefox to try with a clean browser:

Thanks for your help!

Try clearing your local DNS cache.

It also could be your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) DNS resolver still hasn’t updated it’s cache or something else so you can also try using other public DNS resolver like the from Cloudflare.


For anyone who could have the same issue:

as @UnknownLolz says, clear cache. Make a complete purge of cache in Cloudflare dashboard. It solved the problem.

Thank you.

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