Website now extremely slow and files are unaccessible

sometimes 404 error, or when you go to a file, it just won’t load
also suddenly now is very slow?

on bing it says :

We can’t open this file

Something went wrong.

No issue.



try opening some of the posts there

Working fine


you opened a page, not a post
this is what happens

I do not read your language.
If you need help, please be as specific as possible.

This may help

Good day…


i do understand, but i do not require you to speak my language, just see that it says network error there, and when you try to download a file, it just stops mid way, this sometimes is atrributed to network error cause it is slow, and slow enough to trigger a timeout possibly, it wasn’t this slow yesterday

You can use CloudFlare.
Follow the guide.
It may help

it works again, weird, seems like a server side issue

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