Website not working

sometimes its a connection refused, then its a 502 error. then it will work suddenly.

Hi and welcome to the forum


I think the issues started about 20 hours ago.

Something like that,
but it has been intensifying for the last 10 hours.

When we find out more information about why this is happening and whether it is DDoS or something else, we will inform you here on the forum.


okay thanks

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Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:


Hi, are they any updates?

Can see its still down.

Morning. I also have a website on the same IP ( that is effected and have had my website down for almost 3 days. I understand the tech team are looking to resolve the issue, but wondered if there is an idea of the issue and an ETA for resolution please?

Thank you very much, best wishes, Stu


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