Website not working

Hello i saw that the Website isnt working sometimes and i get weird timeout messages that the connection to the web server timed out pls help maybe its down right now

i couldnt connect to the Website for a few Minutes and maybe its down but i dont know i can connect to the Website

Update: I am currently able to connect to and my Accounts maybe its a temporary Maintenance???

I’m sorry, but what is “the website” you’re referring to?

We’re currently performing some maintenance on our own infrastructure. This may result in a few failed requests, but it fixes itself automatically.



We cannot help you if you don’t fill out the template. What is your URL?


Hey the whole Website was down i couldn’t access
the website or the panel

So it’s working now?

yes it was slowly loading
and i am a expert of web developement that wasnt the maintenance that was a DOS Attack

That doesn’t sound like an expert answer. If you read other topics, you may have found:


can i apply to be a mod for forum im 16 and i am also 23 hours active a day

You haven’t even reached TL2 (or TL3 for that matter) and you haven’t proved that you can be helpful to this forum.

You’re barely old enough to form the legal binding!

That’s horrible. You should be more like 8. Here’s an excerpt from a paper I wrote:

Teenagers and adolescents need at least seven hours of sleep every night to help mitigate
the possible development of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and insomnia. … Adolescents should get at least seven hours of sleep each night so they can more easily maintain healthy weights and blood
sugar levels, as well as help them continue to sleep well night after night.

I’m also not a moderator, you may notice. But I think the verdict here (for now, at least) is “no”.


I’m pretty sure that being a mod here doesn’t require anything “legal” in terms of a contract, and that age is not a thing required (over 13 at least. Although maturity is).

And as one mod on the forum stated a while back to me, you don’t seek the mod role, rather, it seeks you.

Although in Europe the child protection laws are a bit different, than here in the U.S (where I am positioned), which IF has had to adhere to in the past. The forum might have a different rules regarding the child protection laws than the actual hosting, however.

Regardless, the answer like whackieblackie is likely “no.”

Just randomly asking will not grant you that role. One can easily see why.


Um, how would you know? Unless you were the one administering the attack, you would have no way of knowing what is was, or what is was not.

An expert of web development at 16??? I don’t belve that. Even if you wait you were 40 I would still not believe you. Web development is a very wide range of topics. (Oh, and DoS attacks are NOT web development).

Also, when the letter “I” is used as a word, it is capitalized.

That is absolutely correct (And I am now the second moderator to say that). In fact, asking to be a moderator before you gain any sort of reputation here actually makes us suspicious about what you actually intend to do.

The forum follows the same basic rules as the client area, as both are governed by the same terms of service. The legal age in the US (Specifically mentioned in the terms) is 18.

Anyways, before I get too off-topic, the lagging of the main InfinityFree website and client area was caused by overly strained web servers. The site has now been moved to more powerful servers, and the lag should be gone.

As for lagging on client websites, that would most likely be caused by either (A) your own website using too many resources, or (B), other websites on the same server using too many resources

EDITED to add additional information


The best way you can help is to use your expertise to answers the questions other people ask here. You don’t need moderator powers to do that. If you do see anything that violates forum guidelines, you can flag it and a moderator can take action.


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