Website not working

I have website It was working few minutes ago but all of a sudden it stopped working. I had checked my cloudflare dns and all looks good. But website is not working.

This cloudflare dns that are pointing to website ip address.

I checked my website A Record via DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool
But A records here don’t mach to one I added in cloudflare dns.

My best guess is is down

Any reason?
Even if its down then why DNS Lookup is showing these to A records.

These are from CF

OK then how much time will it take to get my site online?

No idea, you have to wait. If it is due to DDOS attack, that will take a while

Ok Then let see what happens.

Also note that your domain name seems to be against the terms of service. Just info.


What does that means?

Movie :movie_camera: sites or streaming sites are illegal here

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