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Hosting Username: epiz_28166083 Website:

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I tried going on my friend’s website that had an epizy domain and it didn’t work either…

I see something different…

Wait what

For me it shows the error, and also for my other website it also doesn’t work (

Ok, you get a suspended domain error for the second website, when did you create this second domain? It can take up to 72 hours for a new domain to start working. As for the first site, try doing ctrl+F5 on your keyboard to refresh the site.

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Ok, I refreshed it, and it still says that. I’ll restart my computer.

It looks like you are trying to install some sort of PHP forum on

yes. when I go to it now it says this:

This could be because the PHP script is installing on your site.

did you click the install button?

No, anyone on your site could have done this, or it could have done it automatically. You can try login into a client like FileZilla and delete the files. I don’t know if this will help or not.

Usually for if it is not working, it usually shows this:

oh wait the woltlab one works

Yep! The suspended domain message meant that it was getting set up then. Enjoy your new site!

But wait… the elkarte one doesn’t wor still

Try logging into an FTP client like FileZilla and deleting files, otherwise, just wait out the installation, I have no idea how long this could take.

ok then :slight_smile:

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