Website not working

###Website is

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No Error MSg

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###I Bought The Domain Yesterday And made a website here But i installed Wordpress And I click the link to login in to the wp-admin the link is ethier Can not be reached or brings up related sites

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Is There Any Way To, Edit my Site Like MAking The Wordpress Added On to the subdomain on to it?

I would suggest that in the meantime you use local host and files on your comptuer.

After waiting a while loading your site, it seems to work, all nav links and after refreshing it works.

If you want to skip the DNS Propagation,Follow these steps.
1.Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ and find hosts file.
2.Open it with Notepad(as an administrator) and add the following line to file and save it

Replace with your website’s ip.
Your website’s IP can be found in Client area.


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