Website Not Working

My website URL is:

My website is loads in Android Devices and other devices but not in PC.

URL on PC :
URL on Android :

Website loads completely on Android not in PC

Help Me!

Domain Purchased from Freenom

Server pointed to

You misspelled byet with byte. However, sometimes the change could take maximum 72 hours, because I’ve checked the domain with all the tools I could find and the servers always point to via a CNAME record on the root domain, with www they point to the right IP. Also try to use Freenom nameservers and go to “Manage Freenom DNS” after saving the nameserver changes and create CNAME records, one without name, TTL of 300 and value of your Main Domain that you can find on the Control Panel and another one with the name of www, TTL of 300 and value of Save the changes and wait 24 hours.

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It’s byet, not byte, but it looks like your nameserver settings themselves are fine.

What is not fine are the DNS records present in our nameservers for your domain. Fortunately, you can fix this by removing the domain name from your account and then adding it again. You should find it in the Addon Domains section in your control panel.

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Thanks it Works.

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