Website not working on phones


I was quite embarrassed when I have asked my boss to check the website that I have created and send him the URL link. He tried to open it on phone, and voila! it gave him “This Site Can’t Be Reached. Server IP address could not be found error”. What is going on?

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DNS errors
||body is clear||

How is this problem to be fixed, so I can watch my website on phone as well? Please help dear admin. Ty!

Maybe read this article:

or specify your website URL, so that we can help you better.

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Checked the article few days ago, it never said that the website won’t work on phones. I am still waiting on admin’s response. Not quite willing to specify my website link. I am sure the admin has the way of checking it thru my account. Thank you all for your replies. I am patiently awaiting for admin……… :thinking:

Site url please?


Can you please fill in the topic template so we at least have enough information to try to help you?

I checked the one domain name you have assigned to your hosting account. It’s currently using Cloudflare’s nameservers, and it appears that you haven’t added any DNS records to Cloudflare to point it to your account with us.

Please fix your DNS settings in Cloudflare, or switch your domain name back to our nameservers which are automatically configured by us.


Hello Admin. Thank you for reply! What is the topic template and how do I access it?
As of right now: 1.) when I try to access the website on phone, it says the following: This site can’t be reached. Server IP address could not be found.
2.)when I try to access the website on web, it says the following: Hmmm…can’t reach this page.

So the page is obviously down both on mobile and on web.

Coming to DNS. I did add the CNAME record to DNS on Cloudflare, I believed that CNAME is all what is needed. I thought CNAME -acme challenge- showing to infinity in its nameserver address was enough and thought it was part of showing that I am registered with you. What other DNS records should I add to point to you?

Do you think that might be the problem. Or the problem is your website currently experiencing down times (btw when will that be all fixed?), or is the problem is possible attack on site. Idk. Please help. Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you kindly!

This is the code of the topic template:

<!-- Please answer the questions below so we can help you quickly and effectively. -->

<!-- Make sure to answer all the questions below, or people may not be able to help you effectively, or at all! -->

**My website URL is:**

<!-- Please post the full website URL (or just the domain name, if it doesn't affect a web page) on which you get this issue. -->

**What I'm seeing is:**

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You need to follow this part of article to find your Main Domain, then create two CNAME records, one with name @ and as target your Main Domain, and another one with name www and target @, in order for your website to work.


The _acme-challenge DNS record is used to perform the validation for the SSL certificates. It’s presence (or absence) and it’s value doesn’t affect your website, your email, or anything else than the SSL certificate system in our panel.



So I finally made time to change my nameservers to:,
So nameservers now point to you.
Now I am to ask you (my hosting provider) for the resource records that I can use Cloudflare with my hosting.
What DNS records or what resource records I need?
By the way, my website is still down and doesn’t work. You can easily check my website, I just do not want to make it public here, but please go to my website and you will see that it doesn’t work. Is it because your system is down or did I do any mistakes in configurations?
It has been more than 2 weeks of it not working. Please provide me with the further detailed steps to take. I will follow your guidance.
Thank you!


If you did add your site to Cloudflare directly, Cloudflare should automatically scan all the necessary DNS that can be found on your site (A, MX, CNAME and other DNS records) before it can add it to their network. They will give you these steps if you add a domain to their service directly from their Dashboard.


Dear admin,
Okay. So I got some more updates. I have changed the nameservers on my domain providers website to you(infinity). Also, I went to cloudflare and added epizy name servers as DNS on CLoudflare as well. Now, is that all I needed to do?
Also the problem still remains in regards to why my website is not working. Please check my website out admin and let me know what is the problem and what am I to do.


I checked this topic, but I don’t see any URL or domain name here. Did I overlook it? Or can you please share it? I’d be happy to check it, but I don’t know what to check.

Setting the nameservers of your domain name is done at your domain registrar. You should NOT set any NS records with your DNS provider unless you’re sure what you’re doing. Because using NS records inappropriately is a great way to break your website.


okay, so my website url is:

Secondly, I did change my nameservers with my domain registrar.
Coming to Cloudflare, I just added following NS:
1 CNAME acme challenge
2 epizy ones (infinity ones)
and 2 Cloudflare own NS assigned to me

that is pretty much it. Please check the url and check my account, and let me know why the website is till broken.

Thank you kindly for your time Admin!

One more question. Does Infinityfree does updates and do bug fixes on websites themselves, or is it something the website owner has to update himself/herself whenever you issue patches for known vulnerabilities? Who is responsible for doing this?
Please let know. Thanks

okay I got another update. Just received email from Cloudflare. All of this is really starting to get quite irritating… The email reads:

Your nameservers no longer point to Cloudflare. They now point to:

This change means that you are no longer using Cloudflare and will not receive the benefits of our security and performance services. Your DNS records will be completely removed from our system in 7 days.

Dear admin, I do want to use Cloudflare to protect my website, but you told me to change my nameservers back to InfinityFree. I am highly confused at this point. Now what is it that you want me to do now? I just want my website to work again, what is the reason my website is not cooperating? I sent you the url, please check and let me know. thanks!

I just checked It’s currently pointing to Cloudflare’s nameservers, but there are no DNS records present for or to point it to our servers.

You can find the records to add like so:


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