Website not working on https

Hi, my website is working fine with http. However, it seems to have issues when opening with https. There are links and images that are missing.

What could be the problem?

If you are moving a site to HTTPS and some links are not working, then usually this is caused by Mixed Content. Mixed Content means that the page you are viewing is loaded over HTTPS, but some of the assets of the page (scripts, styles, images) are not using HTTPS. Browsers block those assets due to security reasons.

On a vanilla WordPress, fixing this is as simple as updating the Website URL (and it seems to me like you did that), but I see you’re using Elementor, which radically changes how the page content is built up.

This page from Really Simple SSL (which is a great plugin by the way) points to this option in Elementor to fix this:


Hi, thank you for the reply. Yes, I think the issue is caused by mixed content. Let me follow the steps you recommended and see if it works.


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