Website not working after 72hours

hi my i uploaded my website it has been 72hours and when i browse to it it only shows the first page and when i try to go to another page it shows in blanc


The issue is going to be somewhere in your code. I’m not on PC, so I can’t check for you at the moment. Take a look in the F12 dev tools, and troubleshoot your code.


I checked Console and Issues, no output. This might help: Lighthouse Results

I’ve checked console on your login page, and it shows a error 500.
Can you enable PHP Display Errors so we can take a look on the root cause?


how do i do that

If you read the article @anon46092769 linked, it clearly tells you how to do that.


it says that (…/header/header.php):failed to open stream: No such file or directory doesn’t it understand what … does?
how do i fix that

You need to make sure exists.


it exists as i taled it works perfectly on my localhost and i checked i uploaded the header

when i navigate to it , ot works but it doesn’t get included

No, it gives a 404 error. Please upload that file


thx guys the probleme was that i included header/header.php while it was header/header.PHP what a…

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