Website not updating with new file uploaded

**My website URL is:

**What I’m seeing is: everyday is working fine, but just webpage is not updating with my new uploaded file since enabled cloudflare.

**I’m using this software: chrome, edge

**Additional information: checked my client cpanel dns cname txt record as attached image. My domain Nameservers is point to,,, and

Pls advise. Thank.

since cloudflare is a caching software. it can happen C:

maybe this helps?

click it

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But note that the Cloudflare interface on that video is not the same of the new one.

I had tried cloudflare purge few times in custome purge/purge everything/develpoment mode, but no effect. Website stack there nothing to update.

Clear cookies and cache from your browser’s settings, not from Cloudflare.

yes, thank very much

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