Website not showing after 72 hours on custom domain

Hi, some days ago I hosted a website on Infinity free,, on the free domain is working just fine.

3 days ago I registered a custom domain in Italy,, but when I tried to add to the control panel I had some issues changing the name servers on my domain service. As I discovered, my domain provider is affected by this problem: Unable to set nameservers: DNS query refused.

So then I made the verification with CNAME, after some trial and error it went trough, so now the domain is showing in my control panel. The problem is that the website is still not available at the .it domain, even after 72 hours. What is wrong with it?

I’m quite a noob to website hosting, so feel free to correct me or ask for more explanation, thanks for your help.

Here’s the result of the Domain check:

Since you are not using IF namservers, do you have the appropriate A records setup with your DNS zone provider?

Also, it’s never a good idea to mix namservers.


I just left the default ones, didn’t change them.

Since maybe it’s just my ignorance, after adding the new domain to the control panel, should it show the Wordpress installation that I did on the first domain automatically or should I do something?

Just because the domain is linked to your hosting account does not mean the browser is actually directed to it.

You need to setup A records with your DNS provider to point the site “@“ and “www” to the IP shown in the client area.


Ok, I see. Can you provide a more detailed explanation of the process?

With your DNS provider, create these two A records:

@ :
www :


Thank you so much, it finally worked! I think I have to study more about domains, dns, hosting, etc.

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