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My website is not run after creat 72 hour’s of domain , why ?

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Hey there, welcome to the InfinityFree forum! Your website works fine, except for the contents. Please clear your browser’s cache and try visiting your site again.


Could you please elaborate?

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Try enabling Display Errors and any debug settings:


My website is not run yet .i can’t see him with different browsers.why ?

Did you enable display errors?


Can you be more specific about the error you are having? Can you reach your website, or is it giving you a specific error? If it’s possible, please upload a screenshot of the error you are having, and you can try using a VPN to access your website (just in case your ISP blocks your hosting provider).


your website is not generating any html which is usually a sign that the php code has crashed

please go to your cpanel and in the software section enable display errors in the alter php section, after this reload your website and see which errors are displayed


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