Website not opening

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Website not opening it showing different liks (Ads)

Hi and welcome to the forum! For me your website works fine. Please note that on your side it might take up to 72 hours for it to start working again:


But how do you check that my website is working fine??

I never visited your website before and the DNS servers that I use return your website server’s IP address instead of the CNAME record that points to the advertisements, that’s why your website worked fine on your end. I use Cloudflare DNS (so by the way. If you are not patient, you can configure it by following the instructions on this article and speed things up (P.S. Most routers need a restart to pull new settings):


for me its working, might take a little longer for name servers to sync before you see it ?

or possibly you will need to clear your browser cache as it may be showing the old advert site ?

as a quick test try opening your site in a private window and see if its visible now


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