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This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection.
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I have renewed my godaddy domain name and after that my website is not loading. I have contacted godaddy and they say your name servers are not with us so you have to contact your hosting provider. Please help

It is working fine for me.

I see a WordPress error page with a ton of error messages.


This is what I see

These may help


first thing is that i can’t even access my wordpress admin. The problem started when it was showing an error that briefly unavailable for schedule maintance. it usually happens with wordpress when its updating something and is alive when that is updated. This time, however, it took a bit long so i deleted the maintenance file in file manager and hence this problem started. Now, when i am trying to go to my website, to me its showing absolutely nothing and says, This site can’t be reached
The connection was reset.

It sounds like you may have corrupted your wordpress install. please try backing up your database and then reinstalling.


You maybe right but i have never done that before. So i am afraid i will lose all my data

You need to back up your data before reinstalling Wordpress.

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Ok guys i have contacted godaddy and they say your IP Address was not Updated with Infinityfree server thats why the error was showing. Now, they have changed my nameservers to theirselves, updated the IP address, changed it back to InfinityFree and my website is live but now it says, There has been a critical error on this website. What should i do now? Should i still go for the Backup or just wait coz it happened before and i think i will resolve. Any suggestions apart from back up option would be helpful. Thanks

Follow the article that has been linked above. It tells you what to do when you see that message.


If it was due to wordpress updating gone wrong, follow this


Dear KangJL, thank you for the info. I just have some question. Can i upload Wordpress directly through my infinityfree cpanel/file manager? and second, when it overwrites the old wordpress, will my wordpress data be safe? cuz i have installed some important plugins including WooCommerce and all my website is about ecommerce. Thanks

Not advisable. Using filezilla is preferred

If you follow instructions, yes


Thank you so much @KangJL @Greenreader9 @YT_Xaos @wackyblackie for your help and suggestions. I have downloaded and uploaded latest version of Wordpress thorough File Zilla, it did had some problems with plugins and i removed them and now its Live. Thank you so much all of you :heart::heart::heart:


No problem, any time.


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