Website not loading

My website purelearner is not loading please help quickly

what type of support is this?

You’re not satisfied?
I gave you an answer within 3 minutes from the moment you made a topic
Your website and its code is your responsibility

Generally this is a Community support forum

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my website is still not loading please help. I feel frustrated

But your website is working fine from here? What do you see?

Also, if you paid any attention to the help that @Oxy gave you, you would know that the error you saw is a problem with your website code. You need to fix that yourself, it’s not a hosting problem we can fix for you.

For me it’s now working fine, so it’s fixed.

yeah it is working now but the thing is that i again fixed it myself. I am facing the problem with a particular plugin. Everytime an update is available for that plugin my website doesn’t load until i remove that plugin using ftp file manager. Is there a solution for that. The plugin is Jetpack by wordpress.

Just the fact that an update is available breaks your website? Or your website only breaks after installing the update?

Update scripts are long running and complicated scripts, so there is a lot that can break during it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t and you need to fix it yourself.

But instead of removing the plugin, you can also try to complete the upgrade manually, like so: Managing Plugins « WordPress Codex

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i am not able to visit the admin area of my site:, please help me with this issue. I tried to update wordpress to latest version since then i am facing this problem

is there anyone to help?

What type of support forum is this my website admin area is down for more than 24 hours now, and i am not getting any sort of help.

Your WordPress is in maintenance mode. You need to access the FTP and remove the .maintenance file in the htdocs folder.

I removed the maintenance mode file but still i can’t access admin area

The WP update is corrupted, so you need to reinstall WordPress by deleting ALL the files and the database and following these instructions.

but what about the posts on my website. How can i backup data from ftp. please help!

You can’t backup data from FTP, but you can backup the database if you want. Go to the MySQL databases section on the cPanel and go to phpMyAdmin. From here you can click on Export and export it as a SQL file, to import later on another database.

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