Website not loading with my IP


Error Message

my site doesnt load at all with my IP but with a VPN it does load. Any fix for this?

What do you mean by “dosent load at all”???

It does not connect?
The files don’t transfer?
Your computer/browser blocks it?


this is what i mean

i tried to clear everything but still doesnt work

It loads for me, but it looks like your website may be violating the TOS.


i said it works with VPN, but not with my real IP on my PC because on my phone it works well

Then you need to clear your DNS cache on your pc.


and about TOS it says “Chat scripts” mine is not with Chat only

But does it have a chat function built in and hosted by InfinityFree? If so, then it violates the TOS.

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yes, but i think i can remove it

i tried doing the method you provided, still didnt work

The ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR means it’s a connection issue. As far as I know, our servers don’t support QUIC yet, but your site is using Cloudflare, which does support QUIC.

One solution is to disable QUIC, either through Cloudflare or through your browser. This post on the Cloudflare forum describes both:


i disabled it and still having same issues

Loading fine for me though it is a bit slow


yeah i noticed that aswell, i had issues with my IP and when i changed it it worked fine

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