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When trying to access my website, the site doesn’t load properly and shows me a corrupt site.

When clicking on some of the pages as well, I get a error 404 on InfinityFree. I contacted the support and they said that this has to do with the host, which is InfinityFree:

Do you have any idea on how to fix this? Thank you.

It seems your website’s HTML code tries to access assets via HTTPS

Solution :
Re-write your website’s HTML files to use HTTP, or
Install SSL into your website


Thank you so much! That worked. However, I now have another issue - I’ve installed SSL certificates for my domain, however, I can access the site when I use www at the beginning of the URL, but if www is not used, I get a “403 forbidden”.

Oh my!

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@NicholasT This should help you to how to solve this problem:

@Deveroonie You should try to give answers instead, I’m not actually surprised by these errors because that much errors are normal because of how it’s configured plus it’s so easy to solve.


I get an SSL_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR_ALERT when I try to visit over HTTPS, which typically means that no SSL certificate was installed.


I changed the domain to instead.

The reason why doesn’t load is because all the URLs on the site are use the URL . Our hosting blocks embedding stuff hosted here onto other domains, which also includes embedding things from onto

To fix this, I would suggest to setup a redirect to ensure redirect people going to or those not using HTTPS to . You can do this with .htaccess rules.


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