Website not loading properly

My website is loading but without the correct theme background, not sure this issue with the theme or other areas. can anyone help me?Please View attached screenshot of the website

Please share your URL


I think it’s theme problem.
Your site requests many sources (css,jss,etc.) from, but that domain error.


Thanks Guys, So what is the best solution for this issue, I have tried with another WordPress theme but still the site looks same

The problem is not actually the themes, but the customization of Wordpress.

Go to Wordpress admin Dashboard.
Settings > General, and check that Wordpress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL), both have the same URL under them:
If not, please change them.

This should certainly fix the problem.


So he is moving his site domain.

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Can plugins create this error?

If they require something like your site url it is possible.

Is there any plugins that does something about URL?

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There are quite a lot plugins installed, i am trying to share the screenshot of plugins but bot rejecting my links

You can also upload by this too:


If you’ve its permission.

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They not seems to alter url, You can deactivate one to see if that solves the problem, If that did not. Activate it then Deactivate next one. Until The url thingy fixes. If neither fix. Then the problem is due another reason.

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Alright, Let me try disabling different plugins.

@anon19508339 yes the error with CDN Enabler plugin. the site is ok now. Thanks, guys


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