Website not loading on https, means no lock is showing

**My website URL is:**

**What I’m seeing is:**lockpad or https is not sowing completely, it shows in chrome that valid certificate but the connection is not fully secure. and on other browsers site does not load on https its just show insecure connection.

**I’m using this software:**chromr, firefox, wordpress

**Additional information:**activated ssl rrecently, changed all page rules to off, put cnames in cloudflare, grey the clouds in cloudlfare, full srtict ssl in clouflare,etc.


Try to install Really Simple SSL on your WordPress dashboard to fix that.

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That error is not caused by a hosting issue, but by some of the URLs on your website not being fully secure. This can be caused by links to images or scripts not having a secure connection. This can be caused by internal links on your website, or by links from external scripts or widgets.

You can see which URLs are causing this by opening the developer tools in your browser and checking the Console. The unsafe URLs are shown as warnings there.

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