Website not loading gifs?

There’s supposed to be 6 gifs that load on the page and a css file, but 2 gifs and the css file won’t load. Checking the developer tools, the status code for these files gives a 302 Found (from disk cache), but won’t display on the site. Is there a reason these aren’t loading?

All of your gifs loaded for me. The one with Shrek takes some time to load, though.


I checked and the CSS file is missing. Please make sure you uploaded it correctly on the same folder as the file and that it has the same name present in the source code. Also, if there are missing, upload the other GIFs on the same folder as the others and clear your browser cache.

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Did the background one load? It’s a horse gif tiled for the background

All the locations and file paths are correct. They even work on my computer, but I’m not sure why they don’t on the website. I’ve tried clearing the cache, but that doesn’t do anything. The GIFS are all in one folder.

No it didn’t. I don’t see the gif in your source code, so maybe you had it on a CSS file /brainstyle.css
which does not appear to be on the server, like @Ergastolator1 said.


The stylesheet tag in the HTML of that page links to /brianstyle.css , which is both uploaded and spelled correctly in both the HTML file and the CSS filename. For some reason, it still doesn’t want to load.

That is because / essentially means the URL only. /brianstyle.css simply translates to which is not the location of the file.

I saw where your file is located:

Change the link tag’s href to either the above URL or to /brian/brianstyle.css


Thank you! I’ve been trying to figure this out for so long haha. I changed it and it worked!

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