Website not loading correctly

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website address:

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When I Publish my website, it is showing like this:

But preview in the website builder is correct:

Even i exported and opened index.html file, then too it was correct:

But when i upload to my website and open my domain, the website is not loaded correctly

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I created the website using:-

Pl help.

Missing css files can cause problems. Check that you uploaded all the files in htdocs folder including css and js files.
I checked your site and found that many stylesheet (css) files are missing. Upload all the files including css and js to make it work correctly.
This is the list of missing css and js files. There might be more files missing and i can’t take a note of all you should be uploading all the files you exported instead of just uploading few.


Taking advice from MAHOfficial, all you have done is copy the main ‘index’ page, you need to export the whole website in mobirise

I did not copy and paste the index alone, i uploaded using FTP Upload, the mistake i did is deleted all files in FTP Manager and uploaded again (Forgot the option to turn off Publish Changes Only) TQ for you help!

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