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I had hosted my website with infinityfree subdomain but after some days I purchased a domain (TOP LEVEL DOMAIN) and I added it to Addon domains section in control panel and had changed the nameservers of my domain and issued a SSL Certificate for my domain but now its more tha76hrs, when I visit my domain then it shows me this(refer to the image below). How do I solve this

This is correct. Unless you want your domain to show contents of infinityfree subdomain.
In that case, the domain would need to be added as a parked domain pointing to infinityfree subdomain.

Yes but I don’t want that, when someone types then he/she will be redirected to I want to use as my primary domain, so now is it possible to host same website with my custom domain while the subdomain( works as it is

You hv to do this then.

This may help if you are using WordPress.


The problem is that when you added your domain, a new folder was created in your hosting account for that domain’s website.

If you access your files and folders, you will now see a new folder with your new domain name -
You have to move your website’s files and folders to the new\htdocs\ folder.


@alexvf @KangJL
now I had removed my domain from my account 24hrs ago and now its not showing that domain in my account but the folder is still there in file manger and when I tried to delete it, then its showing me this error message Error during FTP delete directory, permission denied at:“”. However, there’s no FTP operation is going on, on my account right now

That is correct, you cannot delete this folder

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but now when I am adding it again in vPannel then it shows a message that domain is already in use, now what to do

Hm, I dont know. Maybe just create a different sub-domain?

Delete the domain from the account where the domain is in use, of course.

Deactivating an account doesn’t remove the domains attached to it. You have to do that yourself before deactivating the account. So the domain is still on your account epiz_28497172.

You will have to reactivate the account, remove the domain and then deactivate them again.

And next time, if there are big warning messages next to a button, please read them, because they are important.


I had done all the things as told by you, transfered all the files from’s file manager to folder but its not showing my site, do I need to install wordpress also??

I don’t know, but is not even a valid website.

Did you also add the domain to your new hosting account? You needed to delete the domain from the old account to add it to your new account, but that doesn’t mean the domain is automatically added to your new account when you deleted it from your old account.

@Greenreader9 May I know what is wrong with it??

What is wrong with what? Please provide more information.

@Greenreader9 bro its not

Oops, so sorry about that. In that case,

Just to clarify, you want website visitors to be redirected to when they go to

Also, are both of the domains on the same hosting account, or are they separate? Also, does either one use cloudflare?

Thanks, and sorry about that mistake.

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