Website not connect to DB

link to my site:

Error Message:
Could not connect to database (1)

i need to install Apache… how i can do this, you can help me plz?
or if i can do this alone so where i need to check for Apache install?

Instead of saying “cannot connect to database”, can you provide us with an actual error?

Make sure you have the correct credentials.

Clicking through, it appears that this software wants MSSQL, but we only support MySQL (MariaDB), and MSSQL and MySQL are different. It also looks like it requires you to have created a database before beginning the installation process.


Why do you assume that you need to install Apache?

Apache is already installed. And if it wasn’t, this is a shared hosting service, which means you cannot install your own server system software.

But besides that, what @wackyblackie said. It seems your software needs an MSSQL database (and the software to connect to it), which we don’t have.


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