Website not comeback after it being suspended

my website got suspended for cpu limit then after 24 hours i got a email saying it has been activated and it says suspended whenever i go to my website

Welcome, this is what I see…

I believe ur domain is still pending dns propagation

Read this…


I also get the DNS error, but I don’t think this is DNS propagation. If you look at our Domain Checker tool, you’ll see that your domain name doesn’t have any nameservers at all right now.

So please check this issue with your domain name provider, because the domain name does not appear to be set up correctly on their end.


before i had deleted my domain it had said suspended domain and i have changed my nameservers on my domain and it still says error adding domain (Its been more then 72 Hours).

Again: your domain name does not have any nameservers. This is an issue with your domain name and/or domain name provider. You cannot fix this on our end.

If you’re getting an error trying to add the domain, that’s normal. You can only add domain names to your account which exist and which point to our nameservers, and your domain name currently is neither of those things.

Again: please check this issue with your domain name provider.


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