Website No Longer Working

Username epiz_31980422

I created the site about a week ago and it was working fine. I checked this morning and it goes to an add page. When I try my IP I get an 403 Forbidden error. I haven’t made any changes recently. Any ideas?

No issue for me


It seems to be working for me as well, just try clearing browser cache and reload the site


Yeah, thanks. I already tried multiple times. This is for Edge. Works fine in FF. I don’t get it.

Addendum: The IP doesn’t work in either browser.

And today it doesn’t work in FF, even after clearing cache multiple times.

That’s normal. You cannot view your website simply by dumping the IP address in your browser’s address bar. There are many thousands of accounts on a single IP address, and the server has no way to know which website to show if the domain name isn’t available in the request.


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