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After Uploading the Php script (linkshield v4 ) website Is down… Whats the reason?

Please fill out the template. here i installed V3 degraded frm V4

And on here i installed V4

Plz chexk where i am wrong

Can you please send the link to the script?

This maybe??


File: Link Shield
Size: 2.64 MB

File: - V4
Size: 11.15 MB

Here is your download

Possible… Before Adding the script… Domain showed All the index of. Files… After adding… The script. The error occurred… After removing the script… Still error remains the same.

What error? What do you see exactly?

On, I currently see a redirect error. I also see you’re using Cloudflare. This is usually caused by using Cloudflare Flexible SSL. Instead, you should request and install a self signed certificate on your hosting account, and then set Cloudlfare to “Full” SSL mode.


These are the two errors.
Don’t really sure about dns Configuration error.
Suggest something to make site online please

Install SSL, follow this guide:


I already did. Please read my previous post.


You need to make your Website secure from installing SSL certificate

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