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my website is
i migrated my domain to another host, deactivated my infinity free account and deleted my domain in control panel but surprisingly my browser, iphone safari when i click the link it directs to “domain suspended upgrade to ifasthost page” but this dissapears when i use vpn and android users and other pcs have no problem with going to my site, may you kindly assist because i;m no longer sure, the current host doesnt know what could be happening too, or once we join infinityfree there’s no going back? kindly enlighten

Your site works fine for me -


You must wait upto 72 hours for DNS propagation
Usually it takes upto 30 min or 1 hr.

If you want to do it quicker then clear your cache.


my friends and family who’re using safari on iphone cant access the site but androids and pc have no problem, so it could be DNS propagation

Yep! You will just have to wait about 72 hours for this to update. Clearing your cache might make the process go quicker, but not always. Sorry that IF was not for you.

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This article describes all the reasons why you may see the page. Your situation is the second one in the list.

Pro tip for next time: move your website first and then WAIT A FEW DAYS before cleaning up the old account.


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