Website marked for a phishing attack

Netcraft has reported that the above URL is being used to launch a phishing attack. My website is a PHP Codeigniter app for schools. From the reports, it appears that Netcraft and/or Google is mis-understanding your i=3 script/cookie challenge to mean a phishing attack. Looks like when they crawl the site for security they land up on i=3 redirect which asks for cookies to be enabled.

It appears that they are reporting this as a phishing attack. Detailed report below:

Can you please advise if this is indeed the case and if so, what can I do to prevent my website from being labeled incorrectly?

No, the i=3 thing is not causing your site to be flagged as phishing. If it did, every site here would be flagged as phishing.

And the Netcraft report says your site was identified as hosting Netflix phishing, which doesn’t really make sense when the page redirects too Google.

And it’s not just Netcraft. Google Safe Browsing has also flagged your site as harmful:


This is strange. Anyway, I have done two things for now:

  • added a redirect from http to https
  • put the site under maintenance mode till I figure out what’s happening

Google is now reporting the site as safe.

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