Website loading time

I need help, my site is loading extremely slow and i dont know how to fix it.

When ping, request time out

You have many JS scripts on your site. This may slow site

That’s normal and doesn’t say anything:

I checked your site and I see you’re using WordPress with WooCommerce, a backup plugin, and a fairly large number of other plugins. WooCommerce especially is quite a big plugin, and our hosting technically doesn’t meet their recommended specs. Backup plugins are also notoriously resource hungry, and we strongly recommend against using them.

I don’t know what all the other plugins do and what their footprint is. But as a rule of thumb: the more plugins you have, the slower the site will be.

I see you already have a caching plugin. But I’ve never heard of this Speedy Cache before and I don’t know how good it is. W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache are very popular options that work quite well.


Thx for advice

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