Website loading slow

Hi my website is loading slow.

it says in cpanel I have used 100% innodes not sure what those are but how could I have used that much.

username = epiz_17212447

Inodes are full if you have too many files and directories on your hosting account. Try deleting some directories that you do not need. Also, your site looks suspicious for me, maybe because of that Asian language. Just curious, what purpose is your wiki for?

Hi it is a muti language wiki. It is like Wikipedia I’m different languages. I have an english wiki too I doint speak Japanese but I like to have my wiki in different languages. I use mediawiki so it has a lot off files. But I thought that the memory is unlimited meaning there’s a fair usage.

My wiki does not spam any one I doint send emails out but the wiki can be spammed by spammers.

@paladox yeah, there is no total “Unlimited” hosting. For example, Infinityfree allows hosting huge files (Huge by bytes), but in same time there is Inodes limit, which means you cannot have too many files. You need to try to balance your site. There is no thing as “unlimited” anywhere in universe, (well, maybe universe is) but if your site is not a File Sharing or Hosting, you shouldn’t worry about the limits!

The problem isn’t that you’re spamming, it’s just that your website is too big for free hosting. You’ve hit the limit of 80,000 files per account so you cannot create or upload more.

I’d recommend to limit the number of languages you offer or to look for a wiki script which has multi language support built-in (so you can run all languages on a single script rather than having a separate MediaWiki installation for every language).

Is that why mines is not loading I don’t have a lot of items posted? Http://

@Beloved said:
Is that why mines is not loading I don’t have a lot of items posted? Http://

What do you think? What does you inode counter look like?

Are you sure that you have exact same problem as someone else did two years ago? Please don’t dig up old topics like that, just create a new one if the old one doesn’t answer your question.

Especially since your website loads fine from here.

Well I pretty sure my intention was not to bring up an old topic as this is my second time using this forum so in searching for my issue that one came up and the Year was not my concern just the issue… I had been up all that night working with the site and my item went up for sale that day of which I have lost money, and it is still not loading on my end or anyone I get to look at it .
So I’m not sure how you’re seeing it when several others including potential customers are not seeing it . I thought this forum was to ask for help not to be insulted because of trying to find out what’s wrong with there site. Thanks for the info for the future I’ll be sure to do that of which I hope it’s not a problem.