Website loading is slow when accessing after a while

Hi, I just created my wordpress website at infinityfree ( Whenever I try to access my site after a while (like after 1 hour), the site loads up really slow. After a while it loads fast again. Why is that happening? How i prevent this?

Umm, not at all. It took me a 2 seconds to load

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yes that is because I’ve been logging into my website multiple times for a while xD


If a website hasn’t been accessed in a while, it first needs to be loaded into server caches and so on. If you visit it again right after, the site is loaded in and should be a lot faster.

This is how servers work, and you can expect infrequently accessed sites to be kicked out of the cache on any service that host multiple websites. The free hosting servers are quite heavily loaded so it’s going to be a bit slower than with most other (premium) hosting providers, but you’ll see this on premium hosting too.


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