Website Issue

Am having the same issue its the hosting since my website works perfectly offline and I have issue with the hosting not applying all the code in my css file which is a bummer hopefully it fixes it soon

We cannot help you if you do not provide info. Provide url for a start

On the about page it won’t apply all my css on browser but if i go in private mode its good very strange
I clean cache etc but its the same. For the image i upload and re upload 3 to 6 times till it finally appears on the website and some image i had to ss it and re-upload it on tge same nage for it to appear.
Thank you

Also my friends can’t open my website is it normal? even on pc they can’t open it.

worked fine for me in windows using firefox browser

btw love the bubbles :smiley:


Thank you very much :blush:


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