WebSite isn't working

Hello Admin, Ever Since i changed my dns to those provided by Cloudflare, my website hasn’t opened. I have tried all i can and finally cloudflare support team asked me to contact my host. Yet this is all i get
“This page isn’t working”
“ redirected you too many times”.
Can you help me out with this??

Did you setup a forced redirect to HTTPS? If so, which method did you use?

i used the plugin “Really Simple SSL”. but i have used the same plugin in other sites and it’s ok. So it was least of my suspicion. Although i deactivated it via the CP (since i can’t access the WP backend) and waited for a long time to no avail. SO i reactivated it again. But nothing changes

Also, i have witness the “error 520” page twice in about 3 hours

All I can tell is that Wordpress is sending the redirect. Pages outside Wordpress work fine: