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Username epiz_30754410 or

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i already uploaded index.php file to the htdocs online file manager, however my website isn’t online and keep showing webpage instead

is it because of dns caching? so it may take several hours for the website to go online…

Please read the banner that says “Upto 72 Hours …”. So just have patience, it will be online soon.


okay, thank you for the response. did you check out the website already?      86400   IN      CNAME

Your site isn’t active yet, so we can’t check.


Website for Active

it says active here.

does changing the label also means changing the subdomain?
[] Subdomain

No. For changing subdomain, create one from “Subdomains” feature in control panel.

Your hosting account is active, but your website is not. This is normal and you don’t need to panic, but just have patience!

A label is used to help you identify your account and does not change your subdomain, you need to go to Control Panel > Subdomains > Create/Delete subdomains from there.

so, does this mean my website is online already? 86018 IN SOA 2006112402 28800 7200 604800 86400
;; Received 93 bytes from in 19 ms

An online website should have an A (/IPv4) DNS record.

No your website will be online within 72 hours, alright?

alright, thank you for the explanation :blush:

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That’s the label of the account, you can enter anything you want three, it’s only for you to help identify your account.

If you look at the account details, you can see the account only has one domain name: And that one is active and linked to your account.

It also responds with a 500 status code and a blank page, but that just means your website code is crashing.


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