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Please help.

Your site is hosted on iFastNet. Not InfinityFree. We cannot help.


So you are saying from your point of view, all is good on the inifinityfree side?
What service are you providing me? Sorry I am confused, I am trying to figure out who does what. ifastnet does my website and what does infinityfree do?

He told you to contact ifastnet support, you have premium account… infinityfree host only free accounts


I know about this case. I believe you have contacted Site.Pro about this as well, because they contacted us about it. So I will tell you (more or less) what I told Site.Pro.

You created your website with Site.Pro on our free web hosting. You can do that, because we (InfinityFree) offer Site.Pro. Then you purchased hosting at iFastNet, and iFastNet copied your website files from your free hosting account with us to your premium account with iFastNet.

Site.Pro sites are locked to the hosting provider where they were set up, and to keep using it, your hosting provider needs to have Site.Pro too. iFastNet does not have Site.Pro, which means that any published Site.Pro files will stop working, and you have no way to update your website through the Site.Pro builder.

If you want to use Site.Pro and have premium hosting, please consider getting a paid website plan from Site.Pro directly. That way, you get all builder features, along with high quality hosting for that website.


I appreciate the response and the time for the research a lot. I had no idea that purchasing an email address meant purchasing premium hosting from iFastNet. That is the only thing I intended to do, get an email address. I am sorry this happened.
Thank you again.

To my surprise, my domain has not been transferred to iFastNet. I think they have messed up when setting up my email address. What a mess!!!

As to whether your hosting account with iFastNet also includes a domain name registration, I don’t know. You can transfer your domain name to iFastNet, but domain name registration and hosting are different services, and you’re free to get them from different providers.

But email hosting and website hosting can also be obtained from different providers. So if you want, you can keep using our free website hosting along with email hosting from iFastNet.

If that’s what you want, please discuss with iFastNet what would be the best way to do that. Right now, your domain is using free hosting nameservers in which iFastNet has pointed your website to their premium hosting. And only iFastNet can change that back.


Thanks for figuring this out. I am in touch with iFastNet and waiting for them to realize what you just mentioned which makes a ton of sense to me. I will wait to see what they say but definitely seems they may need to fix this on their side.

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