Website is temporary unavailable

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: Website is temporary unavailable
Contact hosting administrator to activate this website.

I’m using this software: sitepro

Additional information: I cannot open my website “” the page shows the message Website is temporary unavailable - Contact hosting administrator to activate this website"

SitePro will be deactivated shortly because it’s buggy and requires at least PHP 5.6 to work. Uninstall your site created using SitePro and install WordPress to make sure the site is working.

you said SitePro will be deactivated shortly. Thats quite understandable.
but why the my site is not working at the moment? It makes sense only if it stops working after the deactivation of SitePro.
maybe there is some other problem?

We officially announced that SitePro builder would be removed back in May 2018. We sent an email about this, and also created multiple announcement topics on this forum:

While SitePro was officially removed since that time, we still had some time remaining on our contract so we gave people already using SitePro the option to keep using it. But in last April the contract was finally terminated, the builder became inaccessible and all websites went dark.

So for over a year, we planned to remove the builder, and gave you the possibility to migrate your website to another platform. But with the builder and sites truly removed, I’m not sure if or how it’s possible to migrate your existing content.

Your only option now is to do what you should have done a year ago: migrate your website to another website building platform. The first topic I linked to lists some suggestions as to which software you could use instead.

Mr. Admin thanks for your detailed explanation. Which other software on can I
use for my website now? do I have to start from scratch to build the site
existing contents can be used?

Most people nowadays use WordPress. It’s easy to install with Softaculous (found in the control panel) and quite easy to use afterwards. And it has a lot more features and flexibility than SitePro.

While there is no one-click migration to import SitePro content to WordPress (as far as I know), you may be able to replicate your existing website content in WordPress. But I’m not sure if or how you can still access the content, given that both the published website and builder are gone.

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