"Website is temporary unavailable. Contact hosting administrator to activate this website."

Hello - on my published site i’m getting the ‘temporary unavailable’ message! Please can someone help? It was working perfectly, but then all of a sudden is just showing the below message.

“Website is temporary unavailable. Contact hosting administrator to activate this website.”


I’m very new to this stuff, so any basic explanation and help would be appreciated!

Are you using any software on your website, such as Wordpress? Because this is not managed hosting, you are the administrator to your site, so if it has a problem, you will need to find the solution.



You are going to have to provide us more information, and keep in mind what @wackyblackie mentioned about support.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Hello, I’m using Site.pro through Infinity Free.
The site was active, then I added SEO information, re-published my page and now it is not loading and simply showing this error message.
When I go into the builder the site I’ve created is still shown!

Can you try re-exporting the project on Site.pro? If that does not work, try undoing your last change.


i’ve exported my content from my site and have re-set the whole site putting it back to the empty template. I’ve saved and published this but I’m still receiving the error message!

Hm. Are you getting any errors in the console? I can take a better look in a few hours for you, I am not on a device that allows me to do that at the moment.


Your “index” file cannot be found. That error you are seeing the the 503 page created by your script. I would recommend re-installing the script, or asking the vendor for assistance.

It seems to be some problem with site.pro uploading files to infinityfree. I’ve always been stuck at this part when using infinityfree with site.pro.

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This error means that the license for your site is not active or valid with Site.pro. I don’t know why this happens, I don’t see anything that could explain this: your website IP is in the allowed IPs and your site is active.

Hi Admin - so what should I do to fix this!? I’m at a real loss with what else to even try!

Hey, so sorry but any way you could give me some direction on how to re-instal the script? I’m very new to this stuff!!
I’ve tried re-setting my site, changing template and publishing it with nothing but the template on, but I’m still getting the same error message.

Just delete all the files from your website, the re-install the script from wherever you got if from in the first place.

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So am I. I don’t think there is anything you can do, and my hands are tied because Site.pro doesn’t provide license information for individual sites (or at least it’s broken).

This is Site.pro, the managed site builder we offer. And it’s a license issue, so reinstalling won’t help.


:frowning: so the site I’ve built will never work for no reason?? I’ve tried contacting Site.pro, but have been unsuccessful!

I’VE JUST GONE ON MY SITE AND IT’S LOADED PERFECTLY!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: !!!
I didn’t do anything, just re-loaded the webpage and it’s loaded up without the error message :slight_smile: !!! Thanks SO much for all your suggestions, I really appreciate it and sorry I couldn’t provide much insight!


Huh, glad it was fixed for you but I don’t really know why. The licensing system is weird.


Just FYI if this comes up in the future, I had a response from Site.pro, and they fixed the issue on their side, although they didn’t state what the problem was! I contacted them at [email protected], and their message was:

Thanks for your request!
We have checked your website and fixed the issue. The website is currently online.
Please report if you have this issue now.
Please let us know if your issue is completely solved?
Clients Success Manager at Site.pro


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