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Hi there,
I am facing this issue from last 4 days, sometimes my website works fine but after an hour or two it redirects me to some suspended-website URL ( I mentioned below) and then keep redirecting to some other websites…
And now from last two days it never back online and I checked all the solutions that i find online and your forum like my nameservers are correctly configured, domain is propagated. account is active and everything is fine…

Can you please check and help me solve this issue…

Here are some details so you can check.

Username: epiz_28636130
website URL:

Error Message : Redirect to


Hi @anon95696399,
Please refer to this article - Various system issues (DNS, SSL, FTP, etc.) starting May 15 informing recent server upgrades and issues. Hope this will resolve your issue!


I read this article before and it says all the issues are resolved and only the SSL issue is still there… but my website is facing DNS issue that’s why I post this query…

Hey there, your site is working fine for me, so please try clearing your cache.


The issue seems to be that multiple IP addresses were added to your account’s DNS. That was caused during the issues of last weekend.

One of the IP addresses is correct and the other one isn’t, that’s why it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.

The fastest way to fix this is to remove the domain from your account and add it again. That will recreate the (correct) DNS settings.


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