Website is not accessible from some country

Hello, i need some help.
I have two wordpress blogs on infinityfree and they’re working fine. But two days ago, it stopped working.
My website URL is: & ( I bought these from freenom)

What I’m seeing is: (server not found- firefox) (dns_probe_finished_nxdomain-chrome)
But interesting thing is that, when i change my ip address to usa, my blogs are working fine and show no error. And it also works when i turn off my mobile wifi & clear browser cache and then connect internet using mobile data.
I have another custom (freenom) domain on blogger and it’s not working also. My friends are also saying that they can’t access my blogs. Why is it happening? Any help would be appreciated.

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Are you using VPN? Turn it off and see whether it works. Also contain content related to China, so it might been censored by the Great Firewall.
Make sure your DNS records are correct.

You’re saying you only have this issue with your mobile WiFi? This sounds like it’s some kind of networking issue between that ISP and our network.

There are a variety of reasons why this could happen, so we can try some things to figure out what’s happening.

Could you try to switch your device’s DNS resolver to another provider, like Google or Cloudflare? This will help rule out any issues with the DNS resolver of your ISP.

You could also try to see if you can resolve the domain name directly from your own computer. On Windows, you can run a command like nslookup to check the status of your domain on our nameservers.

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Thanks for help guys
Now It’s working without any errors on my device.
But i didn’t find what was causing that problem. I will tell if i find out.

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