Website IPs and down for maintenance

As many of you know, in the last few weeks iFastNet has been moving all websites to new and faster storage for all websites. For most websites, this could be done with minimal impact to websites which were already working.

However, this was not possible with the websites hosted on the IPs and If your website is one one of these IPs, you will see issues like:

  • The connection has timed out
  • Error 522 - Connection Timed Out

Additionally, you may see the error “Home directory not available” when connecting over FTP, and cannot access the file manager.

The migration is expected to complete within 24 hours, after which all functionality should be restored.

UPDATE June 23: It took much longer than expected, but finally, today at 13:30 UTC the website IP addresses came back online.


So please, we have to be wait guys!


My website is not started yet.

My websites are down for 3 days. So, when it will be completed? I really need to do one important thing.

Hi, I see this error in my web when try to connect with FTP.

Can say us if this problem goes far?


Hopefully it will finish within the expected time @knoji_enterprise .

I’ve asked iFastNet for an update, I’ll share it as soon as I know more.


They already missed the deadline, bud. The original post was more than a day ago.
Not a big deal, a bit annoying though.

Is the nameserver check system down too? I’ve been waiting a day for InfinityFree to verify my nameservers are InfinityFree ones and it still says they aren’t despite the fact a DNS lookup says my domain has the correct nameservers.

In addition, is the SSL DNS checker broken as well?

Is this the reason I keep getting a blank screen on Softaculous? And when it isn’t, the installation stops at 36%?

I have no idea, what does the InfinifyFree @Admin think?

I’ve made a post about the issues I mentioned earlier here: Are the InfinityFree DNS/Nameserver systems down? this is my account . please complete the upgrade soon. i can not access FTP please please help me sir.

Only we can do this problem is to wait and let them fix the issue.

It also happens to one of my account. Kindly wait and have patience everyone…

when the upgrade will completed please reply me :blush:

kindly help me @Admin sir